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Why do my todos get out of order when I drag them?

2021/04/08 @ 4:33

I used Pomotodo as a platform to separate all of the tasks I need to be done, specifically schoolwork. I have placeholder todos to keep them separated. However, recently, all of the placeholders go to a random area of the list, as well as some of my schoolwork. I've noticed this only when I have a lot of todos in place, if that may be the source of the issue (I currently have 22 todos, including placeholders, and I have 28 sub-todos across two of my main todos). If anyone else is experiencing this issue or knows how to fix this, please let me know.

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anonymoususer2021/04/08 @ 4:36
Huaiadmin2021/04/14 @ 15:04

The task list can be reordered by dragging tasks.

It is recommended to use the #tag to classify tasks.

Best regards.