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Sound notification no longer works

2021/01/26 @ 0:09

I have used Pomotodo on and off for a few years but for many months I've found it useless because the sound notification does not work. I am using it from the web via Google Chrome on my laptop. I have the sound notifications turned on. I have checked the sound on my laptop, etc.

The window still pops up in the corner of my screen but I frequently don't notice that if I've looked away from my screen for a second to write something down.

Has anyone had luck with this? I keep hoping it will magically work sometime when I've restarted my computer but so far over many months it never does.


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Huaiadmin2021/01/26 @ 13:04

Please try to update your browser.

The browser I am using is Google Chrome with version number 88.0.4324.96, and this issue is not reproduced.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Best regards.

anonymoususer2021/04/27 @ 5:33

I have this problem too! I am using it as a separate app on my Windows laptop. Sometimes the sound works but other times it randomly doesn't.

William Fletcheruser2021/05/01 @ 12:27


William Fletcheruser2021/05/01 @ 12:29

No really sound doesn't work for me in firefox or chrome. I tried both. Ticking sound isn't working either.

William Fletcheruser2021/05/01 @ 12:30

I tried clearing cookies, etc... This is the basics people... get the basics right...