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The browser extension is not available

2020/12/16 @ 2:27

Good afternoon! i'm a blogger from russia. I told my subscribers about your wonderful project on my youtube channel. He's here:

But my subscribers complain that the link on the main page to your Chrome browser extension doesn't work. Your extension can't be found in the Chrome store. where can i find your extension to install?

your project is beautiful! Please continue!!!

3 replys
Huaiadmin2020/12/22 @ 15:21

Thanks for your appreciation of Pomotodo.

The Chrome extension is being updated and will be republished on Google Play in the near future.

Best regards.

ellomenduser2021/01/09 @ 16:38

please release soon =)

vhsennauser2021/01/12 @ 22:54

Have we any news on this?