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Timer stuck on 0:00 and popup appears at random places on the screen

2020/09/07 @ 23:36

I am using the beta version of windows client as recommended here: I run Windows 10 on Asus laptop. The popup at the end of each pomo or break appears at random places on my screen, and sometimes I can't see it at all, so I can't click the buttons or move it around my screen. Sometimes I use an external monitor (as an extension to the desktop) and it seems even worse when I have the external monitor connected. Right now, the pomo timer reads 0:00 with a tick, as if I need to submit a pomo, but I can't find the popup. If I press enter, nothing happens. It is stuck on 0:00. It has been like that for several days, even after I uninstalled and re-installed, and used and synced the app on my phone and in Chrome instead.

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Huaiadmin2020/09/16 @ 11:45

Sorry for the inconvenience. This issue has been communicated to the developer.

If you try to uninstall and reinstall the app, please make sure that the content in C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Pomotodo is completely deleted.

Best regards.