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Alarm at end of break

2020/06/28 @ 12:04

Should I be hearing an alarm at the end of a break? If not, I would really like to!

I'm on Windows 10.


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Brianuser2020/06/28 @ 12:05

oh, and my version of Pomotodo for Windows is 3.2.3

Huaiadmin2020/06/29 @ 15:14

This issue may have been solved in the latest BETA version of windows client.

You can download it from this page:

Best regards.

anonymoususer2020/06/30 @ 12:39

Thank you - that works!

And UI looks nicer! Suggest you add a pin icon to make pinning/unpinning Pomotodo quick & easy.

Brianuser2020/06/30 @ 15:27

Oh, now I noticed that the popup dialog for the end of a break does not appear on top - i.e. it is hidden behind other application windows. This is true whether or not Pomotodo is pinned.