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3 days worth of data lost

2020/04/21 @ 0:10

Re: title

3 days worth of data lost. I had 12 pomos completed over the past couple days, but after sync, all the data is lost.

I had the software running on multiple chrome browsers, but this should not be an issue.

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Huaiadmin2020/04/22 @ 16:12

Under normal circumstances, the data will be saved locally. After that, the local data will be automatically synchronized to the server if the network is working properly.

If the data is synchronized to the server, it will not be lost.

Have you tried to view the data on other browsers?

Best regards.

anonymoususer2020/04/22 @ 16:15

Why would I use another browser besides Chrome? That doesn't make sense.

Huaiadmin2020/04/27 @ 14:02

Sorry for the inconvenience.

We recommend using other browsers to confirm the issue. If you can see the data on other browsers, it means your data has been successfully synchronized. You can try to clear the cache on Chrome.

Best regards.