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Android App

2020/01/15 @ 18:44

I cannot find the application on Android store, therefore i cannot use it cross-platform. I have tried downloading the apk from the site directly to the phone, but it won't install.

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Huaiadmin2020/01/16 @ 19:32

Sorry for the inconvenience.

This issue has been communicated to the developer. We will fix it as soon as possible.

Best regards.

Herminieuser2020/02/01 @ 0:11

Yes I have this issue also, cannot find the Android app in the Play Store

anonymoususer2020/03/13 @ 19:36

i cant find the app in the app store anymore 03/2020. Thank you for this amazing app

Alexuser2020/03/14 @ 21:06

Any update on this?

Huaiadmin2020/03/20 @ 18:48

You can download the Android version on this page:

anonymoususer2021/01/15 @ 18:43

The whole point of the official android app store is that the stuff on there is trusted and safe to use. So if you're not on it, why not? Is this app not safe to use?

ddbuser2021/03/17 @ 14:54

I want to go pro, but keep getting a billing error