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Long break did not reset overnight

2019/01/29 @ 3:14

I did 3 pomodoros last day and it turns out on the second day I got a long break after my first pomodoro. This seems to be a bug. Please investigate, thanks.

FYI, I am using EST, could that be a problem related to time zone so long break cannot reset for new day?

3 replys
leojy93user2019/01/29 @ 8:03

Also it would be also to have option to clean previous pomodoros, for example I complete 3 pomodoros, I do not want to take long break in the afternoon with only promodoro done

Huaiadmin2019/01/30 @ 13:29

Thanks for your feedback. This issue has been communicated to the developer.

Best regards.

Robuser2021/03/05 @ 17:21

This is still the case. Did 3 pomodoros yesterday, today apparently I got a break after 1 pomodoro.

Too many long-standing bugs in this pomodoro timer, I'm going to look for an alternative.