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Todoist Integration

2016/10/31 @ 18:25

Hello, how about integration with the service todoist?

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zandercpuser2016/11/01 @ 23:38

Yes, please. I need it soooooo much!

zdig1user2016/11/02 @ 2:53

Of course thry can make it ... but better they will make new todo list with filter and context and todotxt import so we gey only one app on phone for organising our life .. better than having 2 app ...

What do you thnik is better

a focus on changing the todolist to be more powerful

b or focus on adding integration

I vote a

anonymoususer2016/11/02 @ 3:03

Integration with Todoist need!

ustyantsev_muser2016/11/02 @ 3:06

Yes, Todoist integration need me too!

Thomasuser2017/08/30 @ 18:09

I would love to see that as well. I like pomotodo better than pomodone, but without task integration, it is just another standalone tool ...

Guto Sanchesuser2017/08/31 @ 9:02

Oh yes, please! I'd go Pro for this integration if needed, it's all that's left for me to start using Pomotodo more often.

dollars7user2017/09/12 @ 15:13

i'm looking forward to that !!!

anonymoususer01/24 @ 3:22

Looking forward too!

Satish Madhirauser01/30 @ 5:03

This would be useful. Pomodone has it, but is not as usable

anonymoususer03/05 @ 5:29

I would buy the pro version for integration!