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co-work with Todolist?

2015/12/28 @ 15:13

Possible to co-work with Todolist? I use Todolist for my daily to-do but with Pomotodo, I need to type all my to-do again. Possible to copy my Todolist into Pomotodo?

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anonymoususer2015/12/31 @ 0:52

I'd love to see a 2way sync with Todoist - I know that there are other products that have tried layering Pomodoro over Todoist, but a solid and cross platform solution is still an open market to tap!

anonymoususer2017/04/06 @ 12:51

Same here... I would love to see this integration.

Huaiadmin2017/04/07 @ 15:33

Thanks for your appreciation of Pomotodo. We will take your suggestions into consideration earnestly.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

anonymoususer2017/04/12 @ 22:18

Also looking for this feature.

anonymoususer2018/03/05 @ 5:33

please add this !

anonymoususer2018/07/29 @ 12:05