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Can I pause a pomo?

We don't have the pause feature in the Pomotodo refer to the Pomodoro Technique.

Some internal interruptions can’t be fought. If you really have to visit the restroom, then you have to do that. If you glance at the clock before leaving and see that there is 10 minutes left of your Pomodoro, can you then complete the final minutes when you’re back from the bathroom? No way.

A Pomodoro is atomic. It’s indivisible. It’s the smallest monetary unit in this process. If you leave the activity—temporarily or not—then you have to void this Pomodoro. It will not count, and accordingly you’re not allowed to write the X. Instead, you wind up the clock 25 minutes and start a new Pomodoro, conceivably preceded by a small break if you think you need that.

Why can’t you build a Pomodoro from the sum of small time slots? Because then you will lose the whole idea of rhythm, and it will be too easy to fall for the temptation of interruption. Is it a failure to void a Pomodoro? No, it isn’t. The number of completed Pomodori is not an all-purpose measure of competence. It’s a measure of the 25-minute atoms of effort you have completed, and it’s a fact that can be used to improve your process for tomorrow’s work.

-- Pomodoro Technique Illustrated; ch. 4 Interruptions; sec. It’s Atomic

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